Worldwide Survey of Deepwater Jack-Up Rigs 2015

Worldwide Survey of Deepwater Jack-Up Rigs 2015
Effciency and extended reach among criteria for new rigs.
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Semi-annual survey of deepwater jackup rigs that are capable of operating in or greater than 350 feet water depth. Contains spreadsheet with details on 161 rigs, poster in pdf and related article from Offshore Magazine.


Offshore’s 2015 premium jackup rig survey finds a global fleet that has grown considerably, but perhaps too quickly, in the past two years. Premium jackups included on this survey are rated for water depths of 350 ft (106 m) or greater, drilling depths of at least 25,000 ft (7,600 m), and are currently under contract somewhere in the world. The overall number of working jackups has increased in this year’s survey, a 16% increase from 2013. Some of this increase is attributed to the reintroduction of older, legacy rigs by newer players. Dubai’s Shelf Drilling, for example, has drilling contracts for five LeTourneau and Modec class rigs in West Africa, the UAE, and Mediterranean. These rigs were all built in the early 1980s and acquired from Transocean in late 2012.

Spreadsheet contains the following columns:
  • Rig Rating
  • Vessel particulars
  • mooring system
  • normal complement of tubulars
  • drilling system
  • Mud & Solids Control System
  • BOP Equipment & Control
  • BOP Control Systems
  • Water Depth Ratings and
  • Lifting Equipment.
  • Date

    July 2015