Worldwide Gas Processing Survey - 2015

Worldwide Gas Processing Survey - 2015
Worldwide Gas Processing Survey - 2015
Shale-related development in the US and Canada pushed up natural gas processing on January 1, 2015, reflects nearly a 6% growth in US processing capacity, following a similar increase the previous year.
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Oil & Gas Journal's exclusive, plant-by-plant, worldwide gas processing survey and its international survey of petroleum-derived sulfur recovery are included in this package. Includes processing plants worldwide with data on company location, gas capacity and throughput, process method and product production. Includes a separate Sulfur spreadsheet, and PDF of Oil & Gas Journal article. Data is for 2014.


  • Country
  • State
  • Company
  • Plant
  • Location
  • Gas capacity
  • Gas throughput
  • Process method & production of various products
  • Some P.S.U. data (total numbers, not individual plants)
  • Separate worldwide survey of sulfur production and capacity by plant
  • Summary Table

Reasons to Buy

  • Spreadsheet format
  • Ability to sort
  • Ability to create pivots
  • Ability to analyze across all fields
  • Includes the Oil & Gas Journal's PDF article about the survey

Date Published

June, 2015


Single User, Multiple Users, Historical and Past Year Surveys are available