World Drilling & Production Market Forecast 2016-2022

World Drilling & Production Market Forecast 2016-2022
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Plummeting industry investment is expected to significantly impact future production capacity, once the current backlog of projects has been worked through. This is one of the key findings of the latest World Drilling and Production Market Forecast (DWD&P). The report contains the latest country-by-country forecasts for both production and drilling activity. This year, we anticipate the first decline in onshore oil production since 2009 brought about by a sharp reduction in US tight oil output as well as sustained outages in the Niger Delta. The deepwater drilling outlook has again been downgraded as a result of the sustained downturn – does not expect a significant recovery in activity until well into the 2020s. This quarter’s additions see the inclusion of Chad, Ireland and New Zealand into the coverage.

Within the country analysis, major changes have been seen in the forecasts for Canada, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, USA and Venezuela amongst other major producers. Through to 2022 and utilizing a proprietary methodology, DWD&P provides data analysis on 64 key countries, offering near-total historic and forecast volumes of hydrocarbon production and wells drilled, onshore and offshore.

Based on detailed models, the report examines each country in turn and includes a summary of hydrocarbon potential and sensitized production outlook, with associated development drilling requirements segmented into oil & gas for the onshore sector and shallow vs. deep water depths for the offshore sector. Country-by-country exploration and appraisal (E&A) drilling forecasts for both the onshore and offshore sectors are also detailed.


The World Drilling & Production Market Forecast contains:

  • Drilling & production data– generated in-house through models exclusive to we assess the prospects of 64 countries and determine historic, current and potential future production and associated development well-drilling requirements: oil & gas, onshore & offshore, exploration and appraisal (E&A) drilling and offshore; deep and shallow water.
  • Detailed analysis – summary level overview analysis and market commentary provided at country-level alongside data and forecasts. Identification of sensitised scenarios used to drive drilling forecasts.
  • Full global coverage – the only product on the market able to provide such a level of granularity and confidence on the drilling and production market.
  • Long-term outlook – a seven-year forecast from 2016 to 2022 provides a medium-term perspective on development drilling & production opportunities.
  • Hindcast – annual data back to 2006 enables examination of each country’s long-term D&P trends.
  • Comprehensive experience – gained from 25 years of research. This product has been developed through exposure to industry-leading international M&A engagements including numerous diligence exercises conducted for oilfield services, equipment and drilling organisations worldwide, including those in opaque or less-publicised markets such as China, the Middle East and Russia.
  • Dynamic – an ongoing process, DWD&P research is updated continuously, allowing for regular updates and detailed knowledge of each country’s hydrocarbon activity and potential.
  • Independent – through a refined methodology, this product does not rely on one source of external data, but uses a considered approach to derive historic, current and future views on each and every one of the 61 countries.
  • Highly flexible – we believe that this product provides unrivalled segmentation of data / forecasts, but we are able to provide further detailed segmentation, grouping or analysis – including scenario comparison.
  • Contact us for analyst support – through our network of global offices, we can provide further insight through local analysts.
  • Quarterly updates – for the highest level of accuracy, a subscription option is available for quarterly reports, but we also offer one-time purchase of the last released version.

Date Published

March, 2016

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