World AUV Market Forecast 2016-2020

World AUV Market Forecast 2016-2020
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Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) have evolved in the last few years from an emerging technology with niche uses, to a viable solution and established part of operations in various marine sectors. There are a number of companies within the industry that have developed strong reputations as reliable providers to the military but there is still potential for further growth. AUV usage remains niche in sectors such as oil & gas and renewables and AUV manufacturers are clearly targeting growth in these markets – new technology and concepts are consistently arriving to push the use of autonomous underwater vehicles.

Douglas-Westwood’s new World AUV Market Forecast 2016-2020, considers the prospective demand for AUVs in the commercial, military and research sectors over the next five years. Demand for units is expected to increase over the forecast at a CAGR of 10%, with every sector seeing positive growth due to increased utilisation of the technology. The military is expected to remain the greatest user of AUVs with demand in 2020 for over 700 units – 73% of total demand. Research will be the second largest sector – representing 22% – while the commercial sector will account for 4% of AUV unit demand.

The greatest growth in AUV usage is expected in the commercial sector, predominately from oil & gas operators – despite the volatility of oil prices. There has been substantial interest from oil & gas companies in the technology, as operators have begun to understand cost saving potentials. However, low oil prices have reduced budgets and stymied investment in research and development – presenting a barrier to growth over the forecast.


  • Drivers & indicators – a review of factors influencing the AUV market including military activity, continued offshore energy projects; oil & gas prices, and search and rescue operations.
  • Technology review – in depth profile of current technology and ongoing concepts and developments.
  • Competitive landscape – comprehensive overview of manufacturers and operators in all three sectors, including their main activities.
  • Regional forecasts – analysis of AUV demand development from 2016 to 2020.
  • Sector forecasts – demand for AUV units segmented by commercial, military & research sectors, including recent activities and drivers for each activity and region. This includes a section on year-by-year Glider supply.
  • Profiles – Details on the major manufacturers and operators in the sector, with information on the AUVs that they produce or operate.

Reasons to Buy

  • Unique and proprietary data – updated continually from published sources and insight gained from industry consultation.
  • Methodology – the report uses research as well as further primary research, including consultation with manufacturers, operators and researchers to obtain the latest information on the AUV market.
  • Market forecasts – comprehensive examination, analysis and 10-year coverage of AUV demand 2011-2020.
  • Concise report layout – consistent with to delivering value for our clients, all our market forecasts have a concise layout consisting of industry background and supporting materials condensed to enable quick review with ‘speed-read’ summaries of key points throughout.
  • An essential report – for financial institutions, technology developers, manufacturers and distributors, agencies and organizations responsible for mapping and monitoring the marine environment, offshore construction and rig move/drilling companies, oil & gas companies and survey organizations wanting to gain a better understanding of where and when to make investment decisions.

Date Published

August, 2016