Winning and Retaining Business in the Asian Mining Equipment Sector, 2015

Winning and Retaining Business in the Asian Mining Equipment Sector, 2015
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Overall trends in the data revealed - - Customer priorities in supplier selection are product quality and availability of parts - Suppliers perform well, but have lower levels of satisfaction in key areas - L&T received the highest average satisfaction ratings, with Caterpillar considered the leading supplier for most categories of mining equipment - Account managers make a significant impact in the selection process, alongside suppliers' reputation - Customers in Asia are happy with their current supplier but are open to change in the long term - Product quality was the stand out area identified for improvement.


  • The survey is based on responses from 115 senior managers and decision makers at operating Asian mines, responsible for the purchase of equipment for plant and mine operations, along with its consumables. Survey respondents came from 7 different countries: India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Pakistan, Vietnam, Mongolia and Thailand. This included 6 different commodity groups and a range of surface and underground mining operations.

Reasons to Buy

  • Identify key areas for differentiation by understanding what factors most influence choice of supplier
  • Target product and service improvement areas based on where mining equipment suppliers are currently underperforming relative to customer expectations
  • Develop successful sales and marketing strategies through an understanding of the leading competitors and their strengths and weaknesses.

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February, 2015

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