US Pipeline Economics Study 2014

US Pipeline Economics Study 2014
US Pipeline Economics Study 2014
The Oil & Gas Journal's Pipeline Economics Report and FERC filings are the source for this survey. Data is current to June 2014.
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Sourced by OGJ's Pipeline Economics Report and FERC fillings, this data set captures information on pipeline and compression station constructions costs over several years, as well as fiscal data for US oil and natural gas pipelines and data on estimated pipeline costs as presented in applications to FERC since 1980 for hundreds of onshore and offshore pipeline projects.


  • Pipeline Construction Project Cost Data include: (Years 1980 to current)
    • Year
    • Size of pipe
    • Location (by region and state)
    • Length of pipeline
    • Cost estimates categorized by materials
    • Right of way and damages
    • Miscellaneous
  • Compressor Station Construction Cost Data include: (Years 2001 to current)
    • Year
    • Horsepower
    • Equipment and Material Cost
    • Labor Cost
    • Misc. Cost
    • Total Cost$ per Horsepower
  • Oil Pipelines Data Include: (Years 2000 to current)
    • Company
    • Miles of Pipeline for Crude Oil and
    • Products
    • Deliveries in 1,000 of Barrels
    • Total Traffic in Millions of Barrel
    • Miles
    • Property Value
    • Operating Revenue
    • Income
  • Natural Gas Pipelines Data Include: (Years 2000 to current)
    • Company
    • Transmission System Miles
    • Number of Compressor Stations
    • Volumes of Gas Sold
    • Gas Plant Value
    • Operating and Maintenance Expenses
    • Operating Revenues
    • Net Income
  • Additional Tables Include:
    • US Pipeline Costs: estimated vs actual
    • Compressor Station Costs: estimated vs actual
    • Ten Years of Land Construction Costs
    • US Interstate Pipeline Mileage
    • Investment in Oil Pipelines
    • Pipeline Company Revenues, Incomes
    • Top Ten Interstate Gas Pipeline Companies
    • Top Ten Interstate Oil Pipeline Companies
    • Includes construction Update from February 4, 2013 OGJ.

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  • All data is presented in a spreadsheet format for easy manipulating
  • Data can be sorted and used to create pivot tables and graphs for easy representation
  • Analyze specific fields or all fields of data
  • Integrate with other data to identify strategic decision-making opportunities
  • Get Oil & Gas Journal's analysis of the survey as a PDF article"

Date Published

September, 2014


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