Combined Offer: US and World Production Outlook thru 2030

Combined Offer: US and World Production Outlook thru 2030
Two thorough forecasts give you a picture of what is ahead in energy potential.
Single User Price: $6,500.00


A double barreled, discount offer to obtain forecast supply and production data for the entire world from Rafael Sandrea, PhD, well know author and consultant. Two reports are included in this package : U.S. Crude Oil Production Potential: A stockhastic Outlook through 2030. and Comprehensive Assessment of World Crude Oil Supply Through 2030.

Sandrea has applied his unique proprietary methodology to analyze and forecast country and source of potential crude. EOR potential is also covered.


The Worldwide report starts at the producting country levels and dissects future supply capacity focusing on crude oil. Included is:
  • Current overview and oil demand at a glance.
  • Oil quality, classificatin, benchmarks. >li>Regional top producing fields and worldwide top producting fields.
  • Assessing proen developed oil reserves, basics of reserves ecaluation.
  • Consideration of unconventional oil.
  • Proven developed reserves, region-by-region.
  • Oil discovered in the last decade.
  • Proven un-developed oil reserves, upstream projects by country.
  • Crude oil-quality outlooks by region and country.
  • World outlook scenarios.
  • 104 tables, maps and charts.

  • The United States Report covers the top 70 producing oil fields, reserves appraisals, EOR potential, and outlook scenarios for the top five basins, and the tight oil resource plays across the entire US. Provided is the relative size of the major producing fields, their vintage and quality of crude produced.
  • North Slope potential
  • US Gulf stranded oil
  • Tight oil plays in the Permian
  • San Joaquin a possible resurgence
  • CO2 in the Williston
  • EOR Potential
  • Upswing of total liquids
  • Two scenarios for future crude production
  • Future impact of EOR
  • Reserves issues in the six major tight oil plays
  • Bakken,
  • Eagle Ford
  • Nobrara
  • Monterey
  • Avalon
  • Bone Springs
  • Published

    March 2012/August 2012


    Both reports are in PDF.
    World 126 pages/US 65 pages


    Rafael Sandrea, Ph D, Renowned International Petroleum Consultant. Dr. Sandrea has pulled off a unique balancing act by synchronizing countries with top oil producing fields with outlooks for the producing regions! This product is a complete picture, not just a single curve on a chart! You will see the integrity of this production model!