Transmission Switchgear Package

Transmission Switchgear Package
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Report 1

High Voltage Switchgear for AC Transmission Systems - Global Market Size, Segmentation and Average Pricing Analysis to 2020

This report gives detailed information on the high voltage switchgear market. The report lists drivers and restraints and analyzes global high voltage switchgear sales volume, market value and average price. The report covers eight key countries for the high voltage switchgear market and provides sales volume analysis, market value forecasts, average pricing and regulations at the country level. The global high voltage switchgear market is expected to show significant growth over the forecast period of 2012–2020. The market is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate CAGR of 7.8% between 2012 and 2020, during which the demand for high voltage switchgear devices will be driven by huge investments in the transmission network. The total transmission line length across the globe is expected to grow at a CAGR of 2.3% between 2012 and 2020. The expansion of transmission network will entail high voltage switchgear devices. Moreover, in many countries the transmission infrastructure has reached the end of its operational life and utilities are striving to enhance the reliability of the network by upgrading or replacing the aged devices. The high voltage switchgear market is expected to get a boost in response to the necessity for expanding and upgrading the transmission system.

Report 2

Switchgear Market for Power Industry - Global Market Size, Equipment Market Share, Pricing and Distribution Channel Analysis to 2020

This report gives detailed information on the global switchgear market, focusing on low, medium and high voltage switchgears. Revenue breakdown for low, medium and high switchgears, pricing analysis, distribution channel analysis, technology trends along with market share analysis for all three types of switchgears are also provided. Drivers, restraints and challenges for the switchgears market are discussed. Similar information is provided at country level also.

Report 3

Transfer Switch Market - Global Market Size, Pricing Analysis, Regulations and Competitive Analysis to 2020

The report gives detailed information on the Global Transfer Switches market and provides historical and forecast numbers for revenues, technology split and price up to 2020. The research analyzes trends in the global transfer switches market and also detailed analysis for the leading countries in this business. This, coupled with competitive benchmarking of the top market participants provides a comprehensive understanding of the market’s competitive scenario. From the time when power failure was considered as a hindrance in the smooth functioning in almost every activity and a lot of interest was generated in the generator and the UPS (Uninterruptible power supply) industry to make sure that the utility is not the only source of power available, we have come a long way. With the dependence on electricity nowadays spreading to some of the ultra critical areas, such as hospitals, military bases, financial datacenters and other, the tolerance level of the power failure has become significantly less. Earlier the need was to have a back up source, if there was a power failure, now the need has grown to an immediate shift in the load from one source to another if there is some fault in the primary source. This has been the basic principle in the invention of the transfer switches.