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Topsides Show Special
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Integrity Management Issues & Trends Facing the 21st Century Energy Industry Report

  • Integrity management was a field that was very important and would most likely grow in significance in the future
  • The data and information obtained during this research supports this fundamental hypothesis
  • These challenges are global and there are a number of international organizations working to make operations safer and more environmentally friendly while assuring limited unplanned production down time
  • This report will assist organizations to better attain operational excellence. Integrity management is a broad field and all indications are that it will expand rapidly in a comprehensive manner
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The State of SEMS - The Industry Transformation to a Culture of Safety

  • A high level overview of key events leading to the current status is provided in the new section, Timeline to SEMS
  • A new section on industry transformation towards a Culture of Safety, Change Management has been added
  • Expanded the section on Bridging Documents
  • Added a new section titled Audit and Certification Process
  • Added section on a Culture of Safety as defined by the former Director of BSEE
  • Added information regarding the May Kay O’Connor Process Safety Center (MKOPSC) an its new role in offshore safety
  • Additional information and updates are added to the Enabling Technologies section
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Top Ten Offshore Drilling Contractors 2006-2013

  • View the ups and downs of the industry plus how a few new MODU units and acquisitions can change the top ten list
  • Compare the six regions of the world and which contractor dominates in that area
  • Track which operators have been added to the top ten and which ones fell off
  • Package contains a spreadsheet plus seven articles in pdf
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Gulf of Mexico Offshore Oil and Gas Production - Annual

  • Oil Bbls
  • Condensate Bbls
  • Total Oil Bbls
  • Gas MCF
  • Casinghead MCF
  • Total Gas MCF
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