Top 10 Electric Utilities Industry issues and strategic responses

Top 10 Electric Utilities Industry issues and strategic responses
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In this study, the top ten electric utilities by revenue will be examined, to understand their strategic response to issues such as changing demand for power, alterations in market structure, climate change, and their performance. Because of the location of these companies, the study will focus on Europe, China, Japan, and South Korea.


    Understand the ways in which the electricity industry is changing in emerging and developed economies. Find out about government targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and what power companies are doing to achieve them. Learn about the rise of distributed generation, and the challenges this offers to power companies. Find out how market liberalization is affecting utility companies.

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    What are the top ten electric utility companies by annual revenue? How much does power generation contribute to greenhouse gas emission, and what are companies doing to reduce their impact? How advanced is liberalization in key electricity markets? Will distributed generation pose challenges for the power companies, and if so, how are they responding?

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October, 2015

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