The World (ROV) Market Forecast

The World (ROV) Market Forecast
Describes the development of the industry and gives many examples of the various types of ROVs and the technologies involved. Forecasts to 2015.
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Report forecasts the market for the operation of work-class ROVs through to 2017 in this sixth edition of the World ROV Operations Market Forecast. Results forecast total ROV operations expenditure of $9.7 billion, an increase of nearly 80% over the previous five-year period.

Drilling support accounts for three-quarters of expenditure between 2013 and 2017, and is expected to increase over the period by 13%. DW forecast almost 527,000 days of ROV drilling support in the next five years, of which the majority is made up of work on exploration & appraisal (E&A) wells. Expenditure on construction support accounts for a fifth of ROV operations, with repair & maintenance accounting for the remaining.

Africa is forecast to experience strong demand from subsea development wells, driven by the discovery of new deepwater provinces offshore East Africa, and will remain the largest region, followed by Latin America and Asia. The Middle East has the lowest ROV spend, and along with Norway will see decline in spend. Latin America is set to show the strongest growth of all regions.


  • Introduction & Executive Summary - overview of key report findings and underlying drivers.
  • Introduction to Unmanned Underwater Vehicles - overview of ROV vehicle types and their purpose.
  • Development & Evolution of the Unmanned Vehicle - the history and development of ROV technology and changes in markets and applications.
  • UUV Technology - ROV Elements, operation & control, launch & recovery systems, umbilicals & tethers, frame materials & buoyancy, propulsion & maneuvering, cameras & lights, manipulators, tooling equipment and underwater navigation & positioning.
  • Applications - seabed mining, marine renewable energy, oil & gas operations, pipeline operations, subsea cables, ocean research, aquaculture, salvage, search & rescue, military & security applications.
  • ROV Sectors & Industries - security & inspection, military, trenching, burial & mining, deep water research, eyeball/ observation class & work class.
  • Macro-Economic Drivers - a large number of underlying macro-economic drivers impact on the offshore oil & gas ROV industry; which are examined in detail here.
  • The World ROV Market - underlying macro-economic and industry-specific drivers, overview of market modelling process, global work-class ROV markets by expenditure, ROV days and units. Capital expenditure on work-class ROV manufacture. Competitive landscape and operator fleet numbers. Overview of ROV manufacturers and market share
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  • Report is geared to the needs of the senior executive and assumes no previous reader knowledge of the subject area
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    Published 2013.

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