The World Onshore Pipelines Markets Report

The World Onshore Pipelines Markets Report
Reviews all aspects of onshore oil and gas pipelines from design, materials, techniques and components through to construction, operations and maintenance.
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Contains a detailed database of projects, combined with an involved modelling and forecasting process, result in a unique view of the market in terms of length and value.

Report describes pipeline design and how routes are selected, safety considerations, sizing, flow and pressure control and storage. The choice of pipeline materials is discussed and major pipeline components are reviewed from coatings and fittings to pumps and compressors. Construction techniques and associated issues are explained from stringing, welding and trenching to backfilling, cleaning, sizing, quality control and testing. Operations and maintenance content includes a review of control, integrity, corrosion protection and repairs.


  • Executive Summary report introduction, market overview and conclusions. Macro-Economic Drivers analysis of the major forces driving onshore pipeline construction activity.
  • Introduction to Oil and Gas Pipelines history, basic theory and terminology and industry regulators.
  • Transport Methods pipelines versus other options, review of economic viability and minimising environmental impact.
  • Pipeline Safety and Security review of safety records and reducing risks (including security risk).
  • Pipeline Design route selection, safety considerations, sizing (line size, wall thickness and flow and pressure control), station location and storage.
  • Pipeline Materials including production techniques, steel and different grades.
  • Major Pipeline Components leading technologies and companies that provide them for pipe, coatings, fittings and flanges, valves, actuators, pumps and compressors.
  • Construction Operations key stages, route preparation, crossings, stringing the pipe, welding and weld inspection, field joint coating, trenching, lowering in, tie-ins, backfilling, cleaning and sizing and pre-commissioning.
  • Operations and Maintenance operation and control, control system architecture, control systems, maintaining integrity and fitness-for-purpose, corrosion protection and repairs.
  • Regional Profiles review of activity on a region by region basis examining major projects and participants.
  • Case Studies examples of recently completed and ongoing pipeline construction projects.
  • Market Forecasts historic and forecast capital expenditure and pipeline length by region and market sub-segments.
  • Company Profiles summary information for suppliers, manufacturers and design and engineering firms.
  • Reasons to Buy

  • Aims at the needs of the senior executive and assumes no previous reader knowledge of the subject area.
  • Used by oil majors, investment banks, research institutes, hardware manufacturers, contractors, agencies and departments of governments.