Technology Investment Priorities in Latin American Mining, 2015

Technology Investment Priorities in Latin American Mining, 2015
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Overall trends in the data revealed - - The primary technologies in which respondents plan to increase investments are specifically remote control/machine automation, productivity monitoring systems, equipment health monitoring, mine management software and communication products. - At least 50% of respondents all 12 technologies in place at their sites. - 20% of respondents are currently using autonomous vehicles, with a further 7% planning on implementing in less than 2 years. A share of 31% of respondents has no plans on using the vehicles in the forseeable future. - Safety is the leading driver of technology investment,followed by productivity improvements and then cost reduction.


  • The report is based on responses from a survey of 103 senior decision makers at operating Latin American mines, responsible for the purchase of equipment for plant and mine operations, along with its consumables.
  • Survey respondents came from 14 different countries including: Peru, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic and Bolivia. This included four main commodity groups and a range of surface and underground mining operations.

Reasons to Buy

  • Understand what factors most influence technology investment, and how this varies by commodity group, mine type, global company revenue and country.
  • Target the segments with the greatest opportunity for your technology products and services.
  • Segment the market according to those fully invested, those partially invested and those not considering investment for each technology.

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October, 2015

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