Technology Investment Priorities in Asian Mining, 2015

Technology Investment Priorities in Asian Mining, 2015
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Overall trends in the data revealed - - The primary technologies in which respondents plan to increase investments are mine management software for scheduling/optimization, mine survey equipment, equipment health monitoring and mine design and modeling software. - 60% or more of mines have already invested in mine management related software and technologies. - Technologies with the lowest site presence are real time video training and remote control equipment/machine automation. - Investment in Environmental monitoring adn emissions management technology is set to increase significantly in the coal sector and in Indonesia. - Only a small percentage (6%) currently use autonomous vehicles and an even smaller (2%) number of respondents are planning to implement autonomous vehicles on site in the coming two years. - Indian mines have a higher rate of planned investments into vehicle-related technologies in comparison to other African nations. - Safety is the number one driver of technology investments. No matter in which way the data is organized, safety continually drives the need to invest in technology.


  • The report is based on a survey of 115 senior managers and decision makers at 100 operating Asian mines, responsible for the purchase of plant, equipment and consumables. Survey respondents came from seven different countries: India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Pakistan, Vietnam, Mongolia and Thailand. This included six different commodity groups and a range of surface and underground mining operations. Respondents were asked to outline their current and future intentions for technology investments across 12 areas, which included mine design, mine survey equipment, scheduling and optimization, equipment health monitoring and machine automation. The report outlines the drivers for these investments and outlines safety, productivity and cost cutting needs as influential in decision making.

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  • Understand what factors most influence technology investment, and how this varies by company size and type.
  • Target the segments with the greatest opportunity for your technology products and services, based on mine type, region, company size and commodity.
  • Segment the market according to those fully invested, those partially invested and those not considering investment in each technology.

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February, 2015

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