Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis
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This course explains the derivations, applications, strengths, weaknesses and variations of the major technical indicators & techniques. The course is designed to help traders and risk managers in the energy industry gain a thorough understanding of the most popular and successful techniques & how they can be applied to their specific business. You'll leave this course with an integrated framework for incorporating technical analysis into energy trading and risk management.

What You Will Learn

Are you in the energy industry or do you work in a related industry that relies on energy, i.e. financial trading. If so now is the time to expand the depth of your knowledge. This critical online program introduces many topics that are of special interest to the energy and energy related community. The program is filled with an extraordinary amount of valuable information for those who want to understand the economics of a refinery, how to interpret the economics, how to use them for operational decisions, hedging decision, as well as speculative decisions. A short listing of some of the things you will learn & be exposed to follows:
  • The technical tools and techniques at your disposal to trade and manage the ongoing volatility & the price impact of the various energy markets.
  • A view of the main elements of technical analysis used for trading discipline, quantifying and managing risk, and coordinating with fundamental analysis.
  • Using trend lines, Japanese Candlesticks, support and resistance and retracement levels.
  • How to analyze and use volume and open interest.

Program Length

105 Minutes