Sweden’s Aim for Renewable Energy Growth Would Hamper Nuclear Power Industry

Sweden’s Aim for Renewable Energy Growth Would Hamper Nuclear Power Industry
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Nuclear power currently accounts for 40% of the electricity generated in Sweden, and its 10 operating nuclear reactors have a combined net installed capacity of 9.5 Gigawatts (GW). In September 2014, the anti-nuclear center-left Swedish Social Democrat Party won the election and formed a minority government with the Green Party. The new government’s long-term goal is to meet the country’s entire energy requirements through renewable sources, which would require nuclear power to be phased out from its energy mix. The government plans to establish an energy commission to guide the transition process and implement the replacement of non-renewable sources of power generation. The change in policy has also led to the abandonment of new reactor construction projects and reduced investment in nuclear research, which is expected to remain low due to the heightened safety requirements and tax hikes. Additionally, utilities are considering the early closure of nuclear reactors, which will hamper future revenue generation. Recent opinion polls also indicate a gradual decline in public support for nuclear power in Sweden.


  • New proposed energy policy of Sweden
  • Proposed energy mix and nuclear tax hikes
  • Impact of new elected government on power sector of the country

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November, 2014

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