Southeast Asia Threat Survey

Southeast Asia Threat Survey
Single User Price: $2,000.00


Is your corporation exposed to insurgency or terrorism? Do you have business assets and people in or near a conflict zone? If the answer is “yes,” do you understand the scope of violence facing you? Might it impact your assets or personnel? Might it interrupt your business continuity?

This new report from Muir Analytics will tell you concisely what kind of violence is going on in this region and where the violence comes from. It is written in easily understood language – not overly technical Washington D.C. policy-speak – and makes clear the threats you might face.


This report delves into the political and cultural risks associated with five Southeast Asian countries - The Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar and Indonesia. International Oil Executives will find this report very informational as they look for strategic opportunities and manage the risk that is associated with having international assets.

Highlights of the report include:
  • Terrorism, insurgency, and maritime friction with China in the Philippines
  • Vietnam vs. China maritime friction in the South China Sea
  • Insurgency and the potential for violent political strife in Thailand
  • Insurgency in Myanmar
  • Terrorism and insurgency in Indonesia

Reasons to Buy

  • Gain accurate information on the region from on-the-ground experts
  • Gain information on areas best suited for growth opportunities and business continuity
  • Examine possible methods to mitigate risk to corporate assets and people
  • Use information to make informed, strategic business decisions

About the Author

Muir Analytics assesses threats from insurgent and terror groups against corporations. They can tell you what the risks are to your company’s assets and personnel with precision and in language businesses can understand. The companies they support are in the industrial, retail, wholesale, and corporate services sectors. They explain not only what types of violence might impact your company, but also if a group’s ideology puts you in their crosshairs. Muir Analytics can moreover tell you where a conflict has been, where it is today, and where it might be going in the future, so your company can plan for business continuity.