South Korea energy report

South Korea energy report
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Four nuclear units will be commissioned in 2011 and 2012. Kepco plans to invest $7.18bn in its smart grid business by 2030. The company aims to improve the efficiency of power facilities as well as to reduce CO2 emissions.

These actions are consistent with Asia’s economic evolution. Asia‘s total primary production was boosted by above 5%, led by China and India. Energy consumption growth remained vigorous (+4%) as well and with 18% of the total China became the world’s largest energy consumer.


Enerdata's South Korea energy market report is a reliable source for understanding the key issues and dynamics shaping the South Korean energy industry. With timely, up-to-date energy industry data and demand forecasts, this report will help you identify and exploit challenges and opportunities in the South Korean energy sector. The report details the sub-sectors of the energy industry (Crude Oil, refined oil products, Natural Gas, Coal, Electricity and Renewable) in South Korea.

In this report you will find:
  • Multi-energy approach: oil, oil products, gas & LNG, power, coal, renewable
  • Recent energy and climate change policy development, and an assessment of its impact
  • Key companies operating in each sub-segment of the South Korean energy industry, and assessment of the competitive landscape.
  • Up-to-date insight on market structures, regulatory developments, and asset developments
  • Market dynamics and trends, detailed by energy and by sector
  • Analysis supported by a large number of time series on production, consumption, imports, exports and reserves for each industry sub-segment
  • Projects under development in the country, including power plants, refineries, LNG terminals, gas pipelines
  • Analysis of the likely evolution of the market and key industry drivers

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  • Get a strong understanding of the South Korean energy market and its sub-segments
  • Work with data-driven market research
  • Identify key companies activities and strategy in the South Korean market
  • Assess how national regulations impact the South Korean energy industry
  • Gain a clear view of the development of renewable energies in the energy market

Date Published

January, 2012

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