Smart Grid 101

Smart Grid 101
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This course will show both the liabilities and options of the electric Smart Grid, which can vary dramatically from one geographic area to another. In its contemporary form, the Smart Grid encompasses the facilities, control systems and protocols from the electric generators to the retail customers and their usage patterns. The Smart Grid will offer a wealth of benefits in energy conservation, control of electric generation, and transmission of energy to best meet customers needs economically and dependably. The new Smart Grid will also be a target for foreign governments, terrorists, hackers, and disgruntled employees that may be intent on causing damage to the U.S. electric grid and utility system integrity. This course will explore the Smart grid vulnerabilities and implementation options that may best protect and utilize new technologies, with a focus on best practices around the country. Subjects covered include:
  • Electric grid operation and evolution to the Smart Grid, including electric system design and operation, technical and tariff changes ahead, and integration between utilities and Regional Transmission Organizations.
  • Smart Grid components, including metering, demand response, virtual power plants, dynamic pricing, grid enhancement funding, demand analysis, promotion of “green” resources, governmental regulation, network standards, network integration, loan guarantees, consumer privacy and how all parties benefit the grid operation in supply reliability and economy.
  • Risks to the Smart Grid and protective measures to ensure system integrity and supply reliability.
  • Simulated exercise to apply materials learned to a Case Study to collectively discuss best practices and grid protection that may apply.

What You Will Learn

Smart Grid Options
  • Attendees will gain an understanding of best practices to enhance energy conservation, control and plan electric generation, and transmit electricity from lowest cost and environmentally acceptable electric generation sources to serve dynamic, critical electric loads.

Grid Vulnerabilities
  • Attendees will gain an understanding of what vulnerabilities exist in the electric grid today and how the Smart Grid will expand risks. You will see the progression of liabilities with Smart Grid employment and means to protect the system against external unwanted influences. You will see the critical infrastructure and how it has evolved into the Smart Grid with increased risks to society from cyber threats to control systems.

The Smart Grid 101 class will provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding and knowledge base about the Smart Grid and how it is likely to evolve and be protected. EMI’s unique program delves into the details of the development of the Smart Grid and operation, with useful examples of best implementation practices.

Finally the program will end with a very exciting, simulated exercise to show groups of attendees how to look at a sample utility system and assess needs for improvement, including system

Who Should Attend

  • Electric Utility Transmission Design
  • Electric Utility Operations
  • Electric Utility Tariff Development
  • State and Federal Regulators of Electric Utilities and Transmission Grids
  • Demand Response
  • Smart Grid Infrastructure Development (communications, metering, and planning)
  • Strategic Planning
  • Electric Risk Management
  • Energy Procurement

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Day 1: 8:00am–4:00pm
Day 2: 8:00am–12:00pm