Single Market Report Downstream Gasoline Economics Report

Single Market Report Downstream Gasoline Economics Report
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This weekly Excel spreadsheet is one of the most comprehensive collections of data points available to the market. Each Wednesday EMI surveys the market and compiles data from each of the key distribution points in the refined fuel downstream. The report starts by calculating crack spreads by region. Next come regional spot surveys to which pipe tariffs and carrying costs are calculated and added. These costs are then compared to the displayed wholesale price to determine shipper/supplier net-back. From here the report moves further downstream by adding federal, state, and local taxes. Adding a local distributor and freight allowance gives the report its total delivered cost of fuel. Finally this cost is compared to the current retail price to provide an estimated retail margin. These calculations are provided for more than 200 wholesale delivery cities across the United States. All data is current as of the day of publication. This report is the perfect tool for anyone looking to dissect or track the economics of downstream gasoline movement from the refinery to the pump.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Energy Management Institute
  • Format: Excel spreadsheet
  • Distribution: Electronic
  • Frequency: Single report as ordered