PennEnergy Research Team

Dr. Rafael Sandrea

Dr. Sandrea is President of IPC Petroleum Consultants, Inc., a Tulsa-based international petroleum consulting firm that specializes in oil and gas reserves appraisals and risk analysis for international upstream petroleum investments. He is very active giving Webinars, workshops/masterclasses, and speaking on the reserves theme around the world. He has published numerous technical papers, a dozen within the last five years. His latest publications cover areas such as risk analysis for international upstream petroleum investments, appraisal of global oil and gas reserves, development of algorithms for estimating the production capacity of new oil and gas fields - conventional and unconventional, global offshore oil reserves potential, assessment of global oil and gas resources and their potential for enhanced oil recovery. Some of these articles have been featured in CNN Money and

Dr. Scott Shemwell

Dr. Scott M. Shemwell is an acknowledged authority and thought leader in field operations and risk management with over 30 years in the energy sector. He had been directly involved in over $5 billion acquisition and divestitures as well as the management of significant projects and business units. Scott Shemwell brings over 30 years of experience leading turnaround and transformation processes for global S&P 500 organizations as well as start-up and professional service firms. Currently, he is the Managing Director of The Rapid Response Institute and CEO of Knowledge Ops, Inc. In these capacities, his focus remains assisting companies attain operational excellence in a safe and regulatory compliant manner. Mr. Shemwell's unique background and expertise in oil-field management make him highly qualified to guide oil and gas companies in creating economical and efficient oil fields of the future.