Q4 2014 - Renewable Energy Policy

Q4 2014 - Renewable Energy Policy
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Europe, previously the largest renewable energy market in the world for many years, has recently been overtaken by Asia-Pacific. Under the European Unionís (EU) Renewables Directive, member states are committed to national targets that increase the share of renewable energy in their consumption by 2020. In October 2014, the EU adopted climate conservation targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% and increase energy efficiency and the share of renewable energy to 27% by 2030.

Coal-based power plants dominate the energy mix of most countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Energy security, climate change mitigation and a need to reduce dependence on fuel imports have increased reliance on renewable energy technologies. Low manufacturing costs in China and India, coupled with production overcapacities, has allowed these countries to become the largest renewable energy equipment-manufacturing markets due to highly competitive prices. China, India and Japan are the leading renewable energy producers in the region with China leading the way in terms of installed capacity.


  • Report covers key countries and their policies to develop renewable energy market.
  • Report also covers major policy changes related to renewable energy and their feasible affects in renewable energy development.

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  • Report provides information on various incentives available for renewable energy development.
  • Report provides information on policy change decisions in the fourth quarter of 2014 and how these decisions affect renewable energy market.

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January, 2015

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