Refining Package - Get both Refinery Basics and Refinery Economics

Refining Package - Get both Refinery Basics and Refinery Economics
Order now and save $50 and start viewing both refining online programs. This offer combines EMI's complete Refinery Basics and Refinery Economics online programs.
Single User Price: $350.00


This is one of the premier starter courses into the world of refining. You will be exposed to many of the terms, concepts and simply how a refinery works. You will what is produced as naturally occurring products from crude oil and what is produced by chemical alteration. How to treat these products and how to get them blended and ready for distribution into the market.


  • Basic refinery economics
  • Economic Optimization/LP Model
  • Netback economics
  • Financial Instruments - Crack Spreads

What You Will Learn

Are you in the energy industry or do you work in a related industry that relies on energy, i.e. financial trading. If so now is the time to expand the depth of your knowledge. This critical online program introduces many topics that are of special interest to the energy and energy related community. The program is filled with an extraordinary amount of valuable information for those who want to understand how a refinery works to better understand the relationships of crude oil with finished oil products. A short listing of some of the things you will learn & be exposed to follows:
  • What is a Refinery
  • Crude oil-The feedstock
  • Introduction to Key Refinery Process'
  • Gasoline Blending
  • Simple, complex and very complex refineries
  • Distillation
  • Cracking
  • Coking
  • Alkylation, reforming & Isomerization
  • Gasoline Blending
  • Cost of refining construction
  • Detail of all of the operating costs
  • Fixed & variable costs
  • Refinery margin calculations
  • Refinery Optimization using Linear Programming Models
  • Calculation of Netbacks
  • Interpreting netbacks
  • Crack Spread calculations
  • Interpreting crack spreads
  • Using crack spreads from various perspectives

Program Length

210 Minutes