Overview of Solar District Heating Grid in European Countries

Overview of Solar District Heating Grid in European Countries
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Solar district heating is used to serve the heating needs of residential and commercial customers in urban areas. Historically, these areas relied primarily on natural gas and domestic waste to generate domestic heat. Solar district heating systems with storage were first introduced in Denmark. Its growth for district heating is due to the advantage of being able to combine with other technologies to save fuel and heat. The fact that solar collectors can also be installed on rooftops has increased their popularity compared to other more space-intensive renewable such as biomass. Policy initiatives to decrease carbon emissions will also help to increase the market for solar district heating networks across Europe.


  • The report provides in-depth detail on Solar District Heating grid technology.
  • Further report also covers major European countries, installations and different type of storage system introduced for Solar District Heating.

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  • Overview of Solar District Heating grid technology
  • Different types of solar seasonal energy storage systems
  • Benefits of District Heating technology
  • Major countries and installations for Solar District Heating in Europe
  • Future prospects of Solar District Heating

Date Published

January, 2014

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