Oil & Gas Well Data

Oil & Gas Well Data
Oil & Gas Well Data
In response to the transforming U.S. oil and gas supply market, we are introducing oil and gas well datasets to aid in the exploration and development of oil and gas resources in North America. Well location and attribute data are now available
Single User Price: $2,000.00


Arkansas Kentucky New Mexico South Dakota
California Louisiana New York Utah
Colorado Michigan North Dakota Virginia
Florida Missouri Ohio West Virginia
Indiana Montana Oklahoma Wyoming
Kansas Nebraska Pennsylvania


ID Configuration Production Indicator Operator Name
Region Well_Type Well Status Ogo .
County Well_Status Farm Name Well County
Municipality Latitude Well . Well Municipality
Operator Longitude Spud Date Unconventional
Client_Id Latitude1 Gas Quantity (Mcf) Well Configuration Code
OGO_Num Longitude1 Gas Production Days Home Use
Operator_A Permit_Iss Condensate Quanitity (Bbl) Reporting Period
API Permit_Sta Condensate Production Days Comment Reason
Farm_Name Primary_Fa Oil Quantity (Bbl) Comment Text
Spud_Date Well Permit Oil Production Days Column1
Unconventional Period ID Averaged