2011 Sustainability Ratings: Leading Oil / Gas Engineering Groups

2011 Sustainability Ratings: Leading Oil / Gas Engineering Groups
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Management & Excellence (M&E), Madrid and Sao Paulo, is one of the pioneers of sustainability ratings and quantifying sustainability. M&E was founded 10 years ago with the support of the prestigious Instituto de Empresa, one of Europe’s top-5 business schools and has rated hundreds of blue chips in Latin America, Europe and the USA. This is its fifth in-depth review of the sustainability performance of the largest oil/gas engineering groups. A good tool for companies to benchmark and improve their performance, and for investors and analysts to predict future overall performance. The ratings offered in this document are unaudited and depend on companies’ own information.


M&E’s method involves a total of nearly 400 items of Sustainability Compliance, Quantifiable Sustainability Performance and Sustainability Risk. Thus the approach goes far beyond measuring mere formal compliance with SEC or environmental norms, for example. To improve its rating, a company needs to demonstrate quantifiable performance improvements and stability in areas as diverse as emissions and employee work days lost, as well as earnings per share and debt costs. And it needs to have demonstrated consistency and stability in its past and current performances. High volatilities are quantified and the performance and compliances scores adjusted for risk, giving a quite complete and realistic picture of complete sustainability performance.

Reasons to Buy

  • Tool for companies to benchmark and improve their performance
  • Tool for analysts to predict overall future performance

Date Published

March, 2011