SMC Natural Gas Markets Weekly Report

SMC Natural Gas Markets Weekly Report
SMC's goal is to provide clients with the best in objective and independent advice on natural gas futures movement.
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The weekly reports reflect what has transpired since the monthly report and discuss whether the market is proceeding within expectations and whether changes in hedging strategy are appropriate. These reports assume the client is familiar with the methodology and are more specific and straight to the point. Because the market is in a constant state of flux it is important for serious entities to be continually aware of how current events are affecting strategy and trading recommendations.


Navigating the Natural Gas Futures Market: The natural gas futures market is a place where any commercial player or speculator can come together with other entities and contract for future purchases or sales of natural gas. Because of the differing reasons and motivations of the participants, movement in natural gas futures is often times viewed as random or even counter logical. Having been involved with natural gas futures since 1991, SMC has found strong seasonal tendencies and that there are times of the year when movements are inspired by current fundamentals and times when movements become more controlled by the anxiety or comfort of something that may transpire in the future. SMC uses a seasonal approach to the market and looks for fundamentals to initiate and determine the magnitude of trends. While no approach to the market is perfect, SMC's is backed with a successful use of futures instruments for hedging and profit since 1991. Essentially, SMC lays out expectations for market movement and monitors fundamentals and technical considerations to attempt to identify factors that will create deviations or alterations. Do not look for SMC to make profound forecasts and predictions as SMC has been a player long enough to understand how weather and other factors outside of reasonable control can significantly alter a long term pricing outlook over weeks and even days. Probabilities, history, and experience come heavily into play in SMC's end product.

How the product helps the bottom line: The control of energy pricing is becoming an essential component of economic survival in today's world. With the increasing volatility of the natural gas futures market, the SMC reports are designed to provide an ongoing perspective of the market and assist entities in identifying higher probability timeframes and price levels that are best suited for satisfying a company's risk management goals.

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  • With 21 years experience, SMC gives you educated, seasoned guidance; and when conditions are right - tells you when to be hedging.
  • You should be better able to systematically implement hedges or market positions at logical points and can better avoid emotional or panic decisions.
  • SMC is the natural gas futures advisor with the longest track record in the U.S.
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    Weekly advice sent via email, generally 10 to 15 pages.