SMC Natural Gas Markets Report Service

SMC Natural Gas Markets Report Service
SMC's goal is to provide clients with the best in objective and independent advice on natural gas futures movement.
Single User Price: $3,600.00


SMC Reports are designed for the sophisticated, active hedger or speculative entity interested in specific advice on NYMEX natural gas futures movement. SMC's goal is to provide the best in precise, transparent and seasoned advice.

The service consists of a monthly report and three to four weekly reports as well as occasional mid-week updates. Reports are issued via email on the weekend, with the exception of the midweek update.


Navigating the Natural Gas Futures Market:

Navigating the Natural Gas Futures Market: While no approach to the market is perfect, SMC is the only advisory service in North America whose advisory work and market approach are backed with a successful 13-year track record in actual natural gas futures trading. As such, it has a measurable and credible history in correctly judging and projecting market movement. Essentially, SMC differs from its competitors in that it's work is based on proven skill in judging market movement as opposed to the academic approaches used by its competitors. SMC goes beyond the typical competitor by reaching transparent conclusions about upcoming movement in NYMEX natural gas futures and clearly provides recommendations on when and what price levels to be targeting for hedging and other buying and selling decisions. Again, the SMC Report Service is intended for the sophisticated corporate entity and such individuals who qualify as a Qualified Eligible Participant by the National Futures Association.

How the product helps the bottom line:

The control of energy pricing is becoming an essential component of economic survival in today's world. With the increasing volatility of the natural gas futures market, the SMC reports are designed to provide an ongoing perspective of the market and assist entities in identifying higher probability timeframes and price levels that are best suited for satisfying a company's risk management goals.

Reason to Buy

  • With 21 years of natural gas futures experience, SMC gives you educated, transparent, seasoned guidance; and goes beyond other advisory services in providing specific advice on upcoming market movement and when conditions look to be best for hedging needs.
  • You should be better able to systematically implement hedges or market positions at logical points and can better avoid emotional or panic decisions.
  • SMC is the natural gas futures advisor with the longest and most credible track record in North America.
  • You will have open communication with Author Steve Mosley who invites your questions and appreciates knowing your needs.
  • Publish Date:

    Full service includes: weekly updates and monthly summary with forecast via email. Monthly report generally 20-25 pages; weekly update generally 12-15 pages. Occasionally a midweek notice is sent.