Moldavia energy report

Moldavia energy report
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Moldova plans to build in 2013 a coal/biomass-fired power plant in Ungheni. The project is estimated to cost about 615m and would be financed by Czech investors.

Led by the gas sector, primary energy production grew 6% (70Mtoe) in Russia. Consumption, especially of natural gas (1.5%) and coal (7.3%), increased significantly compared to pre-crisis levels and rated among the highest in the world. Energy intensity levels are three times higher in the Commonwealth of Independent States than in European countries and consumption of refined oil products grew by 7.3% (8.9% in Russia).


Enerdata's Moldova energy market report is a reliable source for understanding the key issues and dynamics shaping the Moldovan energy industry. With timely, up-to-date energy industry data and demand forecasts, this report will help you identify and exploit challenges and opportunities in the Moldovan energy sector. The report details the sub-sectors of the energy industry (Crude Oil, refined oil products, Natural Gas, Coal, Electricity and Renewable) in Moldova. In this report you will find:
  • Overview of energy industry sub-segments: oil, gas, coal, power, renewable
  • Recent energy and climate change policy development, and an assessment of its impact
  • Key companies active in the Moldovan energy industry, along the value chain of each sub-segment
  • Up-to-date insight on market structures, regulatory developments, and asset developments
  • Market dynamics and trends, detailed by energy and by sector
  • Historical data and trends relating to production, consumption, imports, exports and reserves for each industry sub-segment
  • Projects under development in the country, including power plants, refineries, LNG terminals, gas pipelines
  • Key drivers of change and future issues for each energy type

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  • Identify key companies activities and strategy in the Moldovan market
  • Work with data-driven market research
  • Follow market dynamics and future industry trends
  • Assess how national regulations impact the Moldovan energy industry
  • Gain a clear view of the development of renewable energies in the energy market
  • Obtain up-to-date, insightful and standardised information by country
  • Understand factors driving market competitiveness

Date Published

January, 2012

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