Maintenance and Aftermarket Preferences in Asian Mining 2015

Maintenance and Aftermarket Preferences in Asian Mining 2015
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Overall trends in the data revealed - - OEMs have a share of 87% for strategic parts requirements, with 66% purely OEMs and 21% share a mix of OEMs and third-party parts. There is a similar proportion for processing equipment requirements. OEMs have a 71% share for non-strategic parts, with 46% purely OEMs and 25% being a mix of OEMs and third parties. - More than 50% of underground mining operations use independent, third parties either solely or in conjunction with OEMs. In comparison, between 28% - 50% of surface mines use third-party companies in the same way. - The most preferred service contracts are split between operation and maintenance, and maintenance only, with both returning 38% of the responses. Lifecycle management comes in least preferred with 19%.


  • This report provides detailed analysis of maintenance and aftermarket preferences in the Asian mining sector. The analysis is based upon GlobalData’s survey of 115 mine managers, procurement managers, and other key decision-makers, and focuses in particular on the services provided by original equipment manufacturers and independent third parties.

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  • Understand how mining companies use original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for equipment, parts and processing equipment needs, and how these preferences vary by commodity, company size and region.
  • Gain knowledge of mining companies' preferences for after-sales support structure, and identify the services required based on mine type, company size and commodity.
  • Understanding the importance that mining companies place on service and maintenance costs and capabilities, and the local or on-site repair capabilities of their OEM. Results are then compared with the actual rated performance of these equipment manufacturers.
  • Identify the service contract preferences of mines in Asia, and the differences when compared across mine type, region (India, Indonesia and the Philippines) and company size.

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March, 2015

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