Louisiana Drilling and Production Activity Review

Louisiana Drilling and Production Activity Review
Louisiana Drilling and Production Activity Review
Overview of Louisiana's drilling and production trends and correlations with activity drivers.
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This report reviews Louisiana drilling and production activity and performance from 1980-2011. The time period spans multiple price cycles and major changes in technological development and discovery of major new resource plays.


  • Oil and gas production trends are summarized along with inventories of producing wells and regional production trends.
  • Drilling and completion activity is reviewed, including the number of boreholes drilled, wells spud, dry holes, service and injection wells, completion and success rates, and drilled footage.
  • Abandonments and horizontal and directional well drilling are described. Correlative relationships are established between rig counts and wells spud, and between measured footage, drilling activity, well abandonments and commodity prices.
  • Drilling expenditures are estimated on a regional basis using well construction cost curves.
  • Report concludes with a summary of active, idle, and orphaned well inventories in the state.
  • Report is annotated with 56 graphs and tables.
  • Author

    Mark J. Kaiser is professor and director, research and development at the Center for Energy Studies at Louisiana State University. His primary research interests are related to policy issues, modeling and econometric studies in the energy industry. Kaiser holds a PhD in industrial engineering and operations research from Purdue University.

    Yunke Yu is a research associate at the Center for Energy Studies at LSU. His research interests are related to modeling and economics evaluation. He earned a bachelor of engineering in oil and gas transportation and storage from China University of Petroleum and a master of finance from Tulane University.

    Date Published

    October, 2012.
    66 pages.
    Highlights from this report were published in the October 1, 2012 issue of the Oil & Gas Journal.