Kuwait Wind Energy Outlook

Kuwait Wind Energy Outlook
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Kuwait does not have any laws related to renewable energy sources, presenting a major challenge for those looking to invest in the sector. The Ministry of Electricity and Water (MEW) and the Partnerships Technical Bureau (PTB) are the main government bodies that oversee renewable energy installations. MEW regulates the electricity and water sector and PTB is responsible for implementing public-private partnership projects.

KISR was set up in 1967 and works in environmental research, guiding the government in the areas of sustainable power generation, agriculture, and water production. It has reviewed the potential of renewable energy sources and has carried out research into solar CSP and solar PV technologies. Researchers are currently evaluating feasibility via pilot-scale demonstration projects. In addition, KISR’s Innovative & Renewable Energy Program (IRE) is seeking ways to expand Kuwait’s energy supply through solar and wind in an attempt to overcome the challenges associated with its harsh climate. Key areas of the program include energy resource assessment, renewable energy technology assessment and transfer, and capacity building.


The report includes wind power regulatory framework and major developments witnessed in Kuwait wind sector.

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  • The report gives an update on the country's wind energy sector.
  • Gain insights into the country's wind power policies and regulations
  • Identify investment opportunities through upcoming wind energy projects

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October, 2015

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