Introduction to Petroleum Geology

Introduction to Petroleum Geology
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The new crew shift of workers in the oil and gas industry is underway. Conventional fields and plays need ongoing attention in the historically productive regions. Deep sea exploration and production efforts continue worldwide. The recent unconventional developments of shale gas and tight oil production in the U.S. have energized the demand for oil patch workers across the country. The shear size and locations of the production areas have made shale gas the most significant change to the North American energy complex in the last ten years. Tight oil production from a variety of geologic formations is also increasing rates and reserves and looks to be another game-changer employing similar technology application of horizontal drilling and hydrofracturing used in shale gas development.

With the pending impact of the new workers on the global energy complex, it is critical to understand all the implications and issues associated with conventional as well as unconventional exploration and production techniques. The energy professional will need to be well-versed in regards to petroleum geology principles for maximum contribution and team coordination.

What Will You Learn

This course will provide a thorough understanding of the history, the current state of development, as well as, a look into the future of petroleum geology and the energy industry. We will also be examining the key issues of technological advances, new E&P provinces, environmental concerns and market implications. At the conclusion of the class, the participant will have gained a thorough introduction to the dynamics of exploring and developing oil and gas particularly through the geological (and geophysical) contribution. The global implications for continued progress in finding new conventional and unconventional resources is outlined in conclusion.

Who Should Attend

Program is intended for general audiences. Ideal for professionals seeking to gain a fundamental understanding petroleum geology in the energy industry. Program assumes little to no previous knowledge of geologial concepts or data.