Integrity Management Survey Executive Summary

Integrity Management Survey Executive Summary
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The Executive Summary of Integrity Management Issues & Trends Facing the 21st Century Energy Industry Report provides an overview of the full report for a fraction of the price. While not intended to replace the report and survey results, this Executive Summary concisely provides the information in a format designed for executives with a need for the high level information but without the time necessary to delve into the full report and survey results.

One of the most important contemporary challenges the energy industry faces is the development and implementation of integrity management solutions that enable safe and environmentally friendly operations. Inherent to the sustainable organization is a governance model that incorporates integrity management into it as part of enterprise risk management. This study addresses a broad range of integrity management issues and the necessary processes to assure effective equipment and other process integrity components. It is comprised of four major subdivisions; a review of literature on the subject (see bibliography), an industry survey, listing of major public and private organizations that play critical roles on a global basis, and finally analysis and summation.


The Executive Summary contains an overview of the following topics contained within Integrity Management Issues & Trends Facing the 21st Century Energy Industry Report & Survey Package

  • Integrity Management
  • Equipment Integrity
  • Other Areas of Interest
  • Online Survey
  • Major Areas of Investigation
  • Key Terms

Reason to Buy

  • Ideally structured for Executives to summarize the results of the study in a concise easy to read format.
  • Integrity management is a field that is very important and will most likely grow in significance in the future
  • The data and information obtained during this research supports this fundamental hypothesis
  • These challenges are global and there are a number of international organizations working to make operations safer and more environmentally friendly while assuring limited unplanned production down time
  • This report will assist organizations to better attain operational excellence. Integrity management is a broad field and all indications are that it will expand rapidly in a comprehensive manner

Date Published

September, 2012