Global Transmission Cable and Wire Market Scenario

Global Transmission Cable and Wire Market Scenario
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Increasing power demand due to increase in population and urbanization is leading to huge investments in power generation sector and creating the need for transmission cables to transmit it to end users. Moreover, Overhead transmission cables especially in developed countries are old and inefficient which needs to be replaced. This would create good opportunities for cable manufacturers. Increased focus on renewable energy will also drive the growth in Transmission &Distribution investment as hydropower and offshore wind power plants are generally built far away from urban areas, in places where natural resources are abundant. Globally, power transmission cable and wire market would experience a considerable growth due to the increased need for bulk transfer of power over large distances. To meet the increase demand, cable manufacturers are focusing more in Research & Development activities to improve the product quality and prevent transmission losses.


  • Global power cable and wire market trends,
  • R&D initiatives and joint venture in power cable and wire sector
  • Key players involved in power cable and wire sector

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July, 2014

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