Global Energy & CO2 Data Database

Global Energy & CO2 Data Database
Global Energy & CO2 Data Database
The most comprehensive and up-to-date database on energy supply, demand, prices and GHG emissions.
Single User Price: $8,000.00
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For more than 25 years Enerdata compiles over 200 specialized information sources in the energy sector worldwide. All the data is thoroughly checked and processed with a proven statistical methodology to provide an extensive, reliable and timely updated global energy market database on a single online interface.

In the same database, Enerdata leverages its long lasting experience in energy data management and deep expertise in climate change issues to provide comprehensive and reliable data sets on greenhouse gases emissions linked to the energy and industry sectors.


  • Global energy market coverage with 184 countries
  • Multi-energy approach: crude oil, oil products, gas, coal, power, renewable
  • Most recent datawith monthly updates and revisions
  • Comprehensive and harmonized dataset compiled from more than 200 official sources
  • Proven data compilation and expertise process by experienced data specialists
  • More than 1000 annual time series since 1970, without data ruptures
  • 2009 energy industry data already available
  • Production, imports & exports, demand by sector, prices & taxes
  • Advanced data : economic data, industry indicators, energy balances
  • Emissions data calculations in line with official institutions' guidelines
  • CO2-energy emissions from combustion, by fuel, by activity and by industry process
  • Advanced CO2 information with indicators & balances by country
  • CH4, N2O, PFC, SF6 emissions data included

Reasons to Buy

  • Monthly updates to always work with the most recent data available
  • Intuitive interface with quick data retrieval, display and export for more powerful analysis
  • Powerful tool for energy market research: assess trends, benchmark energies, emissions levels, countries
  • Pre-defined analysis available for country analysis
  • Similar wealth of information for each country
  • Valuable data assistance from our data specialists, to support your analysis

Data Interface

  • Online interface with easy data retrieval
  • Browse through logical selection trees
  • Display results in tabs, graphs
  • Export any data request to xls files, and maps as images
  • Save / load your requests
  • Country snapshot with key indicators, interactive maps
  • Country rankings
  • Change units for each energy (physical units, energy units)

Subscription Term

12 Month Subscription