Global Deployments of Utility Meters & Smart Grid Developments Report & Database

Global Deployments of Utility Meters & Smart Grid Developments Report & Database
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This Report & Database product contains detailed data of global Electricity, Gas, & Water Utility Meter deployments, together with a detailed Smart Grid analysis. Utility Meter deployment has seen a great increase in momentum and 2010 has seen continuous deployment of smart meters and advanced metering systems and a general advancement of technology. Whilst there may not be as many new deployments in electricity meters as there are in gas and water; electricity is still the largest growth sector with the most advanced smart meter deployment. As energy prices continue to rise and consumers and utilities are trying to be more conscious, public acceptance of smart meters has become widespread, with many utilities now replacing existing meters with smart-meters and using new technologies as the default for new deployments. Not only is this taking place in the western world, but developing nations, too are seeing a great increase in smart meter deployment


  • A written Summary of Utility Metering Deployments.
  • An Introduction to the Smart Grid, together with assessments and detailed sections on Definitions, Strategies, Security, Investment, Cost and Development Issues.
  • Energy Storage issues (Battery, Mechanical, coupling, etc)
  • Grid Applications and Standardisation.
  • By Country Development Strategies for major countries (30+ Countries, including USA, Japan, China, Russia, Brazil, Canada, India, South Korea, UAE, France, UK, Germany, Spain, and many more)
  • Detailed Assessments of the global Smart Grid companies.

Reasons to Buy

  • Total market demand for meters and market values in US Dollars, 2010 Actuals and forecast to 2014.
    • Globally
    • By region
    • For 180 countries
  • A further analysis is provided for 49 countries with regards to Electricity meters including
    • A breakdown by type of meter for the total sales figure for 2010
    • Company Market Shares
    • Industry analysis
    • Forecast trend by meter type to 2014 in the following categories
      • Residential electromechanical
      • Residential electronic
      • Ripple control
      • AMR
      • AMI
      • Pre-payment
      • C&I
      • Grid

Date Published

September, 2011

Format / Pages

PDF & EXCEL / 212