Global Ammonia Outlook - Production Capacity set to Continue Strong Growth Led by United States and Iran

Global Ammonia Outlook - Production Capacity set to Continue Strong Growth Led by United States and Iran
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Global ammonia capacity is seeing changes as in various parts of the world due to their feedstock advantages. With large capacity additions in North America and Middle East & Africa, the regions are leveraging on cost favourable and large-scale available feedstock.

In North America, ammonia supply is expected to boom in coming years as abundant and inexpensive natural gas liquids (NGLs) feedstock form shale gas is attracting companies to establish their plants in the region. The Middle East and Africa have also seen tremendous growth in ammonia supply. Middle East producers still have advantage of cheaper and subsidized NGLs feedstock and proximity to demand rich Asian markets. More than one-third of the capacity in the future is expected to be from this region, thereby meeting the regional demand and allowing for growing exports to Asian markets. Asia-Pacific will remain the growth engine of the global ammonia industry. With high growth markets, such as China and India, the region contributes to approximately 60% of the global demand.


    Report provides information and insight on
  • Historic and forecast global ammonia capacity by region
  • Ammonia planned plants details
  • Global ammonia capacity by feedstock
  • Capacity share of the major ammonia producers in the world
  • Information on ammonia market size, demand volume and production volume by region
  • Global ammonia demand by end-use sectors
  • Ammonia price forecast by region
  • Details of three largest company in the ammonia industry

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    The report will clarify
  • Understand the key trends and challenges in the global ammonia industry
  • Understand the regional ammonia supply scenario
  • Identify opportunities in the global ammonia industry with the help of specific insights on demand and supply dynamics
  • Increase future revenues and profitability with the help of insights into future opportunities and critical success factors in the global ammonia industry
  • Understand the current and likely future competitive scenario

Date Published

November, 2014

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