Germany’s Plan to Shun Nuclear: Too Ambitious to Achieve

Germany’s Plan to Shun Nuclear: Too Ambitious to Achieve
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Germany’s ambitious decision of phasing out nuclear power looks to be too ambitious to achieve. The country has yet to formulate an energy mix that can produce stable, reliable and affordable electricity to meet the growing energy demand as well as its meet emission reduction target. The country is investing heavily in renewable energies, increasing the share of renewable in the energy mix and this has caused an increase in electricity prices. Furthermore, due to the intermittent nature of renewable sources, the energy that they produce is not as stable and is of lower quantity than that which is produced by nuclear energy. Currently, coal and gas are being used to offset nuclear closure, which in turn is leading to higher carbon emissions.


  • The report summarizes Germany's energy mix after nuclear phase out.
  • Development of renewable energy and its impact on German economy.
  • This report highlights the importance of coal in future and its implications.

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  • Identify various difficulties faced by Germany due to nuclear phase-out.
  • Understand the role of renewable sources for electricity generation after nuclear phase-out in Germany.
  • Understand the importance of coal in Germany's energy mix and its implications.

Date Published

January, 2014

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