The Future Cost of Solar PV Power

The Future Cost of Solar PV Power
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Solar cell costs have fallen rapidly over the past four to five years, and this has led to the technology becoming more competitive, in turn leading to cuts in subsidies for solar photovoltaic installations. With the cost and value of solar energy in flux, the US state of Minnesota has recently introduced a new, transparent approach to solar pricing that could for the benchmark for solar tariffs.

The market for solar cells has shifted away from Europe, the main driver for the past decade, towards Asia and the Asia Pacific region. However the market is also broadening and growth can be expected in many parts of the world - that have previously not shown a strong take up. This is being driven by the competitiveness of solar photovoltaic technology - which can now compete in some areas without any subsidies.

Key Questions Answered

  • What are the drivers shaping and influencing power plant development in the electricity industry?
  • What is solar PV power generation going to cost?
  • Which solar PV power generation technology types will be the winners and which the losers in terms of power generated, cost and viability?

Reason to buy

  • Realize up to date competitive intelligence through a comprehensive power cost analysis in solar PV power generation markets.
  • Assess solar PV power generation costs and analysis including capital costs, overnight costs, and levelized costs.
  • Quantify capital and levelized cost trends and how these vary regionally

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October, 2014

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