The EUís 2020 and 2050 climate targets: Challenging enough?

The EUís 2020 and 2050 climate targets: Challenging enough?
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Will the European Union be able to achieve its 2020 and 2050 objectives in terms of emissions reductions and penetration of renewables in its energy mix? This report assesses the feasibility of each single target through quantitative analysis based on in-house tools and expertise (EnerFuture, Emission Reduction Tool, POLES) and includes estimates of the costs required to meet these objectives as well as the savings, revealing the ambitious but complicated path the EU has engaged itself on.


  • European Union 2020 Targets and Current Status
  • EU Emissions Trading System and Carbon Pricing
  • Energy demand and energy efficiency target
  • Carbon Pricing
  • Renewable Technologies in Power Generation
  • Renewable Technologies in Final Consumption
  • Primary Demand Target
  • Making the Most out of Energy Efficiency Potentials
  • Reasons to Buy

    • Gain information on the current energy status in Europe and the EU
    • Identify trends in the European Renewable Energy sector
    • Identify trends in Energy Efficiency

    Date Published

    March, 2013

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