Estonia energy report

Estonia energy report
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Estonia is investing massively in wind power. At year-end 2010, up to 844 MW in wind capacities were at various stages of development. Energy sector developments remain linked to oil shale and Eesti Energia will build a large processing plant in Narva by 2014 and will commission a new oil-shale-fired power plant by 2015.

These actions are occurring as Europe is facing the consequences of the economic and financial crisis. Europe’s consumptions shrank by 5% and primary production faced a noticeable drop as well. The trade deficit was reduced by 8%, respectively due to substantial cuts in energy imports.


Enerdata's Estonia energy market report is a reliable source for understanding the key issues and dynamics shaping the Estonian energy industry. With timely, up-to-date energy industry data and demand forecasts, this report will help you identify and exploit challenges and opportunities in the Estonian energy sector. The report details the sub-sectors of the energy industry (Crude Oil, refined oil products, Natural Gas, Coal, Electricity and Renewable) in Estonia.

In this report you will find:
  • Overview of energy industry sub-segments: oil, gas, coal, power, renewable
  • Recent energy and climate change policy development, and an assessment of its impact
  • Key companies active in the Estonian energy industry, along the value chain of each sub-segment
  • Up-to-date insight on market structures, regulatory developments, and asset developments
  • Market dynamics and trends, detailed by energy and by sector
  • Historical data and trends relating to production, consumption, imports, exports and reserves for each industry sub-segment
  • Projects under development in the country, including power plants, refineries, LNG terminals, gas pipelines
  • Key drivers of change and future issues for each energy type

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  • Understand factors driving market competitiveness
  • Assess how national regulations impact the Estonian energy industry

Date Published

March, 2012

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