Africa Research Package

Africa Research Package
Single User Price: $3,500.00
Sale price: $2,499.00

Featured Countries

Angola Mozambique
Botswana Namibia
Lesotho South Africa
Mauritius Swaziland
Madagascar Zambia
Malawi Zimbabwe

Key Market Issues Addressed

Each report is a Country Profile, covering
  • Power generation capacity by fuel input
  • Electricity networks
  • Current power market trends
  • Generation growth
  • Investment opportunities
  • Future project plans

Key Features of Each Report

  • An overview of the electricity market in South Africa.
  • Power supply data covering production, imports and exports and the main production sources.
  • Power demand data by market sector and tariff data.
  • An overview of the structure of the electricity sector with government and private sector companies as well as the regulatory status.
  • Power demand forecasts and the development of the power sector to meet expected growth.
  • Transmission system expansion plans.

Key Questions Answered

  • How does this country generate its electricity?
  • What is the status of the national electricity market?
  • What are the key developments in electricity infrastructure?
  • Who are the key players in market?
  • What are the future prospects for investment in South Africa?